Canberra left without independent voice

Thursday 19 December 2019

“This is a sad day for Canberra, a sad day for ACT Labor, and the Attorney-General should be ashamed,” said ASU NSW & ACT Secretary Natalie Lang.

Tenants’ Union ACT, the publicly-funded independent body representing the rights of Canberra tenants since 1994, may have to close its doors after a series of bizarre and disastrous steps by Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay.


Shutting down the Tenants' Union will leave Canberra without an independent voice standing up for the rights of tenants. 


Gordon Ramsay’s plan is to transfer a portion of the Tenants' Union function to his own department.


This decision comes after an independent review in 2018. This review was never released.

Natalie Lang said “Mr Ramsay has today engineered the worst possible end to the farcical process he has led. Any effective Tenants’ Union needs to be independent so it can fearlessly stand up for the rights of renters without conflict.


That simply can’t happen if it is effectively run by the government. 


Instead of rolling up his sleeves and getting to work on the solution, he has allowed himself to be bullied by his department.

"The Tenants’ Union has a proud history of independence and vocal activism. We will now have a silent provider. This will be to the great detriment of Canberran tenants, especially the most vulnerable.”

We will continue to fight this terrible decision - sign and share the petition to show Gordon Ramsay Canberra renters need advocacy and support.

Gordon Ramsay kills Canberra’s independent tenants’ body after bungling process

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